Portion Size Me, Day 3

Today was the first day that I went over that 2000 calorie benchmark, even though I thought I was doing pretty good.

It was also one of those days where I’m a little embarrassed to record everything I ate. That, I think, is one of the big factors of dieting. If you know you have to record everything, then you’re likely to only want to eat stuff you’re not ashamed to record.

Breakfast started out well enough.

Organic oatmeal (160)
tea with sugar (32)
greek yogurt (160)

Not bad, right? Usually a meal’s going to be between 400 and 600 calories, assuming a 200 calories snack sometime during the day.

It was the snacking that was going to kill me. I decided I wanted a donut. Since there weren’t any restrictions as to what I could eat, I went and got some along with some chocolate milk.

donut (195)
8 oz chocolate milk (140)

Rest of the snack:
2 Chips Ahoy cookies (140)
cupcake (125)

There they were, just sitting there in class, taunting me.

Today I also had to guess at what a portion size was. After my Brit Lit class I visited my parents house. There was no food scale and the majority uses weight measurements. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a food that had a serving size of “one handful.”

2 oz lunchmeat (50)
1 slice bread (100)
1 medium sized banana (105)
8 tortilla chips (140)

Thankfully, I had already planned a fairly healthy dinner.

1/2 cup spinach (7.5)
1/2 cup romaine lettuce (7.5)
2 oz pan-seared chicken breasts (92)
2T ranch (130)
1T parmesan cheese (25)

And then I sat down to watch a little TV. And there had to be some snacks.

The rest of the snacking:
popcorn (160)
orange (36)

Yeah, I ate more in snacks than I did in any of my meals, totalling 2027 calories.


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