Portion Size Me, Day 5

Here was a day that I honestly thought I’d be breaking that 2000 calorie bar right out of the water.

What I’ve discovered is that breakfasts where I don’t have some kind of protein are the days that I feel hungry by lunchtime. So, I’ve been keeping with that.

1 sesame seed bagel (260)
2 sausage patties, 4 oz (180)
tea with sugar (32)

That wasn’t so bad, but then lunch came around and it ended up being a food fest.

8 oz milk (110)
1 cup raisin bran crunch (190)
smoothie (170)
2 pieces laffy taffy (64)
1 piece of leftover homemade pizza (280)
4 oz. leftover baked ziti (274)

leftover On The Border taquito (300)

I felt bad enough I didn’t want to consider dessert. Not because I didn’t want it, but because I winced to think of how much I had eaten.

But, the numbers surprised me.

Total calories: 1860


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