Portion Size Me, Day 6

Saturday was a lazy day. I felt it, even though Megan and I spent the day cleaning house and doing laundry

And I cooked breakfast for us.

1 piece french toast (150)
2 T syrup (110)
8 oz. (110)
orange (32)
yogurt (160)

2 tablespoons of maple syrup is a lot for one piece of french toast.

Organic mac and cheese (280)
smoothie (170)
toast (130)

Dinnar was another one where serving sizes surprise me. We did something simple.

toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich:
1 piece of bread (130)
2 T. peanut butter (190)
1 T. strawberry jam (40)
8 oz milk (110)

I just about glued my mouth shut with that much peanut butter. I honestly don’t think I used that much in a normal sized sandwich, much less a half sandwich on one slice of bread.

Knowing that I was pretty well under my limit for the day, I decided I’d indulge a little bit for dessert.
hot chocolate (120)

I know what you’re thinking, I had hot chocolate earlier in the week and it was 230 calories. That’s because that time I had made it with milk instead of water.

My conclusion after almost a week is that it’s not as big an effort to keep track of what I’m eating. That fact changes a lot about what I think about food. Not that I should restrict what I’m eating as far as variety, but that I should make sure I have that space available in my stomach for the variety. This past week I’ve had soda, candy, donuts, macaroni and cheese, even some leftovers from a restaurant, and I only had one day that was over the 2000 calorie standard set as a healthy diet. Now, I’m sure things would change if I considered other factors such as sugar, salt, protein, and carbohydrates, but I’m not out to be the definitive nutritionist on this one. Just a guy trying an experiment.

Speaking of, I probably should have weighed myself to add further viability to my experiment, but it just didn’t happen. I might try it for the rest of the experiment, but it won’t be as effective as if I had started with that information.


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