Portion Size Me, Day 7

Sunday, and day seven, marking one week that I’ve been at this experiment.

It was an educational experience today.

bagel (220)
instant oatmeal (140)
eggnog (170)

Pre-Church Snack
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (100)

1 cup Fruity Funny Mummy cereal (130)
We found this on clearance for like a dollar a box
1 cup milk (110)

slice of texas toast (130)
4 oz 93% lean ground beef sloppy joe meat (170)

The educational bit came after dinner. It was my nephew’s second birthday party. This was something I was nervous about. Either I wouldn’t eat and everyone would wonder why, or I’d be measuring birthday cake and ice cream in front of not one but two families before I sit down to eat. Whichever happened, it would involve a rather odd conversation and a lot of people wondering why I’m calling it an experiment and not a radical new diet.

But, here’s the cool thing, and an epiphany I’ll readily pass on to anyone doing an experiment/diet. Don’t treat it like it’s a thing. If you draw attention to it, then, yes, it’ll get awkward. I mean, let family and friends know so they can help you stick with it, but it can easily become something that draws the attention you don’t want to begin with. If you don’t make a fuss of it, no one else will.

Then you’re just sharing your misery and that’s a sign that you don’t really want to be on that diet.

Everett’s 2nd Birthday party:
1/2 cup ice cream (200)
1 piece of cake (250)

Total caloric intake: 1620

I will say, the ice cream is just about the stereotype when I think of sticking to serving sizes. A measly half a cup serving, yet it’s 200 calories. It’s one of those foods where we never stick to the serving size. The comedian Brian Regan says that a serving size of ice cream is when you start scooping and don’t stop until you feel the bottom of the carton. That’s a serving.


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