Portion Size Me, Day 8

Here it is, the beginning of my second week of Portion Size Me.

For Breakfast I thought I’d do something that’s putting more veggies in my diet.

Toasted Bagel (220)
Spinach omelet:
1 cup spinach (15)
2 eggs (170)
1 container Greek yogurt (160)
mini candy bar (100)

During college, tater tots were a regular lunch meal for me. Just take a healthy handful from the bag and brown them in the oven. Nice and easy, plus I keep hearing stuff I want to hear about potatoes being healthy and all, so I’m a fan. What can I say?

tater tots… 11 pieces

That’s the part I didn’t like. Just eleven is a serving. That’s a snack. They looked so lonely on the baking sheet, I almost felt bad. Felt more like The Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland. Sympathy mixed with a pinch of they taste good anyways.

The Rest of Lunch:
8 oz chocolate milk (140)
1 cup raisin bran crunch (190)
1 cup milk (110)
2 Chips ahoy cookies (140)

fruit snacks (70)
satsuma tangerine (36)

I’ve discovered during this week that in the morning I want protein. Every breakfast I’ve tried to skip the protein I’d really feel hungry by the time lunch rolled around. Lunch and dinner not so much, but breakfast had to have it.

1 cup red lentils (230)
1 piece bread (130)
1 smarties lollipop (30)

This day left at 1901 calories. Not bad. It’s less than that golden 2000 calorie marker, but not enough that I’m making significant head room on the losing weight thing. But I’m feeling good about this. I think I could make some adaptations of this where I could make leaps and bounds for losing weight. I don’t think it would be that hard.


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