Portion Size Me, Day 9

I figured it would happen, but I lasted nine days before it did, so I don’t feel that bad about it.

No, I didn’t gorge myself out of sheer nostalgia for food. I broke one of the rules of my experiment. “Thou shalt not consume more than one serving of a particular item.”

I had two cups of hot chocolate.

1 cup hot chocolate (130)
toasted bagel (260)

1/2 block of ramen (70)
pineapple soda, 8 oz (110)
1 cup raisin bran crunch (190)
1 cup milk (110)

fruit snacks (70)
triscuits (130)

Here’s where I slipped up, though not quite horrifically. It’s getting colder here in Colorado, so I’ve been having either herbal tea or hot chocolate just as a matter of internal heating. It also means I’ve broken out the fuzzy slippers.

1 cup Organic Mac and Cheese (280)
1 slice of bread (100)
8 oz apple juice (120)
1 cup hot chocolate (130)

I ended the day right on 1700 calories, which is looking pretty good. But, I did break one of the rules I had made for myself at the beginning of all of this. Don’t know what I’m going to do about that.

Probably nothing.


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