The Strangest Thing in a Decade

I come before you with a confession.

It may shock some of you.

Please have smelling salts ready.

I have found a video game that has caught my attention! Yes, I have played video games in the past like Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, and Castle of the Winds, but they never held my attention enough that I wanted to look up walkthroughs and figure out how I can be the most successful at the game. Empirically, it goes a little against my personal rules for video games. It’s supposed to be a friendly diversion after you’re tired from accomplishing everything else in a day. Not some thing you spend time researching and taking notes and replaying a mission 19 times on the off chance that you find that one creature, power up, or weapon you’ve been needing so you can unlock that one achievement that most gamers don’t get.

So, you’re probably saying, “Tony, spit it out! What’s the game?”

Brave Frontier. That’s the game. It’s part pokemon (before it got retardedly complex), part Final Fantasy (also before it got retardedly complex), and part Monster Rancher. I like the style of the graphics, and the gameplay is fun enough.

So… I’m not to the point where I’m logging in with Facebook to get the free stuff they’re offering for linking the two, but I am shaking my fist in rage at the developers for creating a game I’m willing to sacrifice my spare time to.

Kind of like a lot of new moms and Pinterest, only mine has swords.


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