The Motivational Orange Tree

There’s a lot of chatter across the interwebs about Monstanto, organic food, and GMO foods. Lately, there’s even more push for getting a garden and making sure you only use heirloom seeds and kicking the big company in the face.

Independent of that, Megan and I enjoy a garden, if only for the satisfaction of self-sufficiency. Plus, relatively free food.

Secretly, I’ve always dreamed about having a kitchen connected to a greenhouse. When I need some herbs or a little something to add to dinner, I can just walk over, pick a couple of leaves or a piece of fruit, and add it right in.

Something along those lines started last year. Megan found a seed in her seedless orange and decided to plant it. It was a shot in the dark, we figured it wouldn’t do a darn thing since it was probably a GMO and not capable of germination.

We were wrong.


It took about two months, but this little sprout did come up. Then we had to do some research and figure out what we just got ourselves into. We learned that it would probably be three-ish years before we start to see fruit (if we see fruit. We don’t know if it’s possible for this seed), but it seemed like an adventure worth the taking. So we kept watering it, transferred it to a bigger pot.

A year later, this is what we have.


Especially a week ago, before another round of winter weather set in, Megan and I noticed a whole new round of leaves coming up, new branches and off-shoots, so it’s really been a happy thing to see. Draw whatever metaphor you want from it.

Stick around. Tomorrow I’ll have a video post up.


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