An Apology and an Australian Accent

Okay, so this week has been kicking my butt.

Which it shouldn’t have. I mean, it was Spring Break for me. I should have had time to get a backlog of posts and videos ready, then have tons more written on Critical and Deathless, then have even more food cooked up and new stuff tried.

What tripped me up was having to do the whole adult and responsible thing. Megan and I dropped off two SUV loads of donations to our local thrift stores, my office is completely clean and organized, half-finished projects were either completed or gotten rid of. Lots of cleaning, with a side dish of being able to sit and write.

So, I have two videos I still need to edit, two other videos scripted ready to be filmed, and I did make some progress on Critical and Deathless.

Please accept this video as a humble offering whilst I am getting new stuff together.

I took a class on stage dialects a year or so ago. Not because I plan on getting into theatre, but because it’s fun. I really enjoyed learning how to create accents and identify the structure of sound used by actors. This was my test for the Australian accent, and I couldn’t think of anything better to do than Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, written by Brandon Sanderson.

The class has really helped me more fully enjoying reading out loud with Megan. In the course of over a year we have gone through almost the entire Harry Potter series (we’re currently on page 544 of 758 on The Deathly Hallows). After that, we’re thinking of either The Hunger Games or A Series of Unfortunate Events.

When I’m able to use the accents I’ve learned, or study up and use new ones since I still have the textbooks, reading out loud is a whole different ball game, and one that’s more enjoyable for both Megan and I.


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