First Critical Sketch Complete


So, last night after a day of writing, sanding, and running, Megan and I sat down to watch a movie we checked out from the library (Tess of the D’urbervilles. It’s weird so far). I sat down with my pencil and paper thinking I would doodle. And this came out. A drawing for the current book I’m writing, Critical.

This is by far the best image of Joyce Jonsdatter/ Sophia Herald that I’ve been able to come up with. It becomes even cooler to me, at least, since it was my own frustrations at my ability to draw that got me into writing in the first place.

Joyce is the protagonist here and the book starts with her release from the Melbin Prison Colony. That’s where she got those scars. This prison system is different from the current American prison system in that rather than a set amount of time, an inmate receives a court-approved debt to pay of by work in the prison colony. Literally a debt to society.

Joyce’s job was to paint radium watch dials and it paid roughly a quarter per hour. Not that terrible for the 1950’s, but she was still an inmate.

She gets out of prison to a world enthralled with radioactive technology. Uranium batteries perch on the roof of every building, bars regularly pour a drink called the nuclear explosion, and all the car run off of a uranium battery. To Joyce, it’s a reminder of the prison she left, and the glow of watch dials she stared for over a decade.

Currently, I’m 86k words into it, and I figure I have about 60k more before the first draft is completed. Wish me luck.


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