In this video, our hapless author gets asked the question of why Artemis Fowl should be a movie.

Okay, so my brain decided to ask me this after hearing a gaggle of tweens and barely out of high school college students loudly proclaiming that X novel should be a movie, yet they never really mentioned why aside from how hot Z character was or the amazing scene in the Nth chapter.


Why We Need an Artemis Fowl Movie

4 thoughts on “Why We Need an Artemis Fowl Movie

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    • That was a very thorough response, thank you.

      However, it seems your biggest complaint lies in my medium of choice for expressing what Artemis Fowl would make a good movie. I chose a video, which has many more limitations that being able to simply write a post. Had I not been in college, already bereft with the number of papers I have to write, I might have written out a very long post as to my reasonings.

      Or I could have used that time to write either of the novels I’m working on.

      I use a video because people can see me express, and I enjoy talking. So, making a video post on a regular basis lets me feel like I’m talking. I get to gesticulate, enunciate, all while I illuminate the musings in my mind. It’s fun.

      Also, I didn’t want to do more work. Now, I could sit and hash out each of my points more clearly, but then it would all sound very academic, which isn’t the purpose on my blog. I just handed in two different papers in two different classes, plus I have two more papers to write, plus the closest thing ASL can get to writing a term paper.

      Video posts feel more natural. That having been said, I’ve found that anything over about 5 minutes won’t get the same attention as something short, sweet, and to the point.

      Now, I could sit and hash out each of my points more clearly, but then it would all sound very academic, which isn’t the purpose on my blog.

      • Um….Huh? I don’t think I mentioned you using video once. I actually have rather enjoyed your vlogging, with the closest thing to a critique I care to give being that sometimes they could use a little more editting to cut out weird spaces, but I see the appeal of keep it easy.

        My biggest argument actually was that, looking at Artemis Fowl from the six steps of art(as described by Scott McCloud) of idea, form, idiom, structure, craft, and surface, you dug more into the surface elements of Artemis Fowl. That’s not bad, the cool/funny factors of Artemis Fowl are what would draw people into a theater, but when you say the word need I feel like you need to dig deeper into themes and the outcome of the project.

        Writer’s affect society on the individual, base level-we direct what they think and inform how they respond. Our artistic choices need to be thought out because of that.

        But yeah, your video format? That’s cool. I like ranting in type more than in speech, but again I’ve quite enjoyed your vlogs and wouldn’t ask you to deviate.

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