And Then the Nostalgia Hit Me, Part 2

In 2009, I was a student at BYU-Idaho, and taking young adult literature, world religions, biology, and American history. It was my first year of college, and by far it was an education for me. Juniper Crescent had been written and I was seeking representation and publication, and there might have been a girl I was admiring.

This acrostic poem I wrote was a response to reading The First Part Last, by Angela Johnson. The story is about a fourteen year old who’s girlfriend is pregnant. Instead of getting to live the life full of friends and freedom, Bobby is finding out how many doctor appointments and sleepless nights it takes to have a child.

This is my daughterFPL
Heaven gave me her, my

Finding out was hard,
I couldn’t believe it was
Real. Love lost for love gained
Seems kind of cruel
To take her, but give me her daughter

Parents got it hard
And I know that now
Really, I do
That feeling that I can’t be a kid anymore

Lucky me. I’ve got
A fresh-faced little girl.
Since she’s what I got
Then she’ll have to get by, with me


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