Running Wild with Wildcat Volger

So…. I discovered Scott Westerfeld’s blog, and he’s pretty much my hero because of the Leviathan trilogy.

I don’t know how I didn’t know about this before. it’s amazing.

Anyways, I’m reading through the posts I had missed, which was pretty much everything, and I found a post he made when he wasn’t able to post content, entitled Wildcat Volger.

I hope you don’t mind me stealing this one, Scott Westerfeld… Sir.

(PS, all the Leviathan illustrations belong to Keith Thompson. I didn’t and couldn’t draw these. here’s my attempt)




Quite the resemblance, no?

Well, knowing my mind, it started working furiously on what a cat-version of Leviathan would look like.

“It seems, your Serene Highness, that our plans are coming along purrfectly.”



AlekAlek cat

“Count, what’s perfectly clear is that you don’t trust me. You think I’m going to chase after every piece of string.”

Prince Aleksander of Hohenburg cat



Deryn catderyn

And here is Deryn/Dylan Sharp cat.

“Aye, but isn’t that the fun of it all? Chasing string, having adventures and all that?”

barlowBarlow cat

“Well, we shall certainly have to keep our eyes on this little red dot, won’t we Tazza?”

Dr. Nora Darwin Barlow cat



lilitlillit cat

“I did it the same reason cats do anything. Curiosity.”

Lilit cat





teslatesla cat

“Goliath will have power that no one could possible have conceived. More powerful, I think, than the great creatures that think they can pick us up whenever they desire.”

Nikola Tesla cat.

Okay, that’s enough cats and literature for one day. It took half an hour to find those cat pics. I think I need to get off and read a book.


3 thoughts on “Running Wild with Wildcat Volger

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