All Cat Cast: the Lunar Chronicles

Most recently, the book series that has been on my mind the most is the Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer. Here’s my review of the third book, Cress.

I’m writing this one because I got quite a bit of enjoyment from showing the cat cast of Leviathan.

People’s reactions were just as much fun.

So, here’s the deal. I spend time online looking for cat photos (A tragedy and a sacrifice, I assure you) that fit the image I have of the characters listed thereby. The Lunar Chronicles was a little more difficult, as there aren’t any sketches of the human characters, but I think you’ll agree that the selected cats could fulfil the roles of Marissa Meyers cyborg dystopia.

Linh Cinder, the cyborg mechanic and protagonist of the first novel that bears her name. Just about the most realistic girl in the series. Mechanics don’t have time for fancy balls and wearing fancy dresses and strutting around like peacocks, so the one time she has to appear at a formal function, the dress is smattered with engine grease and oil.

Cinder cat




“It felt amazing to have the right sized paws again.”








And then, her best friend and android sidekick, Iko. In my opinion, she’s the hero of this book. If you can stand having your body being sold, then Iko catuploaded to being a ship (without eyes), then getting a proper droid body just to have it attacked by lunar operatives, and still have a perky disposition about life, then that’s a proper hero in my book.

“Is Scarlet purring? I bet she’s purring. That’s so CUUUUUTE!”




Kaito catAnd there’s Emporer Kaito, the love interest. He’s a distant sidekick throughout the series, but no less important than Cinder in the grand events that take place between Earth and Luna. Not a bad guy, really. Once you get to know him. He has a lot on his plate, what with trying to find a cure for letamosis, not marrying Queen Levana, trying to understand the complex feelings he has for a cyborg when the civilization sees cyborgs as second-class citizens, and lead the Eastern Commonwealth.



Levana catNow that I’ve mentioned her, here’s Queen Levana. Always the most beautiful creature in the room, thanks to the Lunar Glamour. It’s a kind of magic that’s also a pretty sweet form of mind control in the right hands. Queen Levana is not a person with the right hands. She’ll torture her own citizens, control anyone who even thinks of doing any thing close to crossing her, and manipulate everything until it serves her whole heartedly. And what better way to enforce her control than by forcing the Emperor of the Eastern Commonwealth to marry her in exchange for that cure for letamosis?

Clearly, this cat is glamouring us.



Now we break into the second book in the series, Scarlet. It’s a loose play on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Scarlet is the granddaughter of a French Scarlet catpilot, who we later on find out helped get the lunar princess safely to Earth. Scarlet gets dragged into the whole Cinder/ Queen Levana/ Emperor Kaito mess when lunar soldiers come by looking for Scarlet’s grandmother. She ends up on the run with a street fighter named Wolf.



This is Wolf.

wolf catHe’s actually a Lunar Operative sent from Luna to start a war with Earth. Then he falls in love with the taste of things like vegetables and Scarlet’s kiss.

So he ends up fighting against the Queen that made him the wolfish soldier he is. He’s quiet, watching, and quite focused on protecting Scarlet.

(She gets kidnapped by Queen Levana’s right hand lady. It’s pretty crazy)


My second favorite character in the series is Carswell Thorn. An American soldier who deserted, stole a ship and spent a few years in prison until he met Thorn catCinder in that same prison. The two escape aboard the ship he had stolen, which ends up being the same one that Iko gets stuck in for the better part of two books. He’s the most easy-going of Team Cinder, and the best and being sneaky. In Cress, he saves Cress from her satellite and the two spent a romantic couple of days almost dying in a desert.

“She’s the best looking ship in space. Painted a pop-tart on her side myself.”



Cress kittenAnd rounding out our little group is Cress herself. She’s a Lunar citizen, but without the magic, so she’s treated about like cyborgs are treated on Earth. But, she has found use as a programmer and surveillance operative from her satellite orbiting the Moon. Isolated, but genuinely good at heart, she is the most fun character to watch because of it.




Well, there you have it. The amazing Lunar Chronicles has been dragged through the internet and came out looking cute enough to make a pacemaker flutter.


3 thoughts on “All Cat Cast: the Lunar Chronicles

  1. Reblogged this on mischiefchannel and commented:
    My favourite series is the Lunar Chronicles – I get giddy just THINKING about them – and I am a big time cat lover, so naturally when I saw this, I was laughing. The cats are actually quite well picked out.

  2. I applaud! These cats are so well picked out! (I am a big time lover of cats and the Lunar Chronicles; thinking about either makes me giddy) I especially like the cat photos of Cinder (tortoiseshell . . . ahahahhaha), Kai (dignity and royalty – Siamese!) and Levana. You may have forgotten that glamours can’t fool technology, so fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) that cat is just as beautiful as she looks. *smooshes the cat cheeks*

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