I Have No Idea …

I Have No Idea What To Say Here

I just spent twenty minutes trying to find something cool for the title. Famous last words, famous quotes, snarky quotes, snarky last words, nothing. Nothing that both fits what this post is about AND conveys some idea of humor. I realized I can’t even do “Insert Title Here” or “Humorous Title Post” because this is the internet. It’s all been done before.

This post is an apology, but a necessity. On this upcoming Monday, I start training for a career as a correctional officer. This wasn’t exactly on my “what I want to be when I grow up” list. Heck, I hadn’t even imagined it as an option for me. But, it has come to this.

That having been said, training is an hour away and runs from 8 AM to 5PM five days a week for the next five days. During which time, my beautiful wife Megan will be getting our rented house ready to move, finding a place to rent in the city where I’ll be working, and possibly even going beginning to move stuff out there.

I’m not really going to have a lot of time to post stuff, and even less time to do the things I enjoy posting about. I’ll try my best though. With luck I should still be able to do a post a week. Hopefully.

Wish me luck.







Okay, I can share some last words if you want:

“Now comes the mystery” Henry Ward Beecher

“Go Away, I’m alright” H.G. Wells

“For the love of God, let me work” Osamu Tezuka

“I am about to — or I am going to — die; either expression is used.” Last words of Dominique Bouhours,French grammarian

“Such is Life.” Ned Kelly

“Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.” Pancho Villa

“All my possessions for a moment in time.” Queen Elizabeth I

“Go on, get out – last words are for fools who haven’t said enough.” Karl Marx to a housemaid



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