It Does Not Due to Dwell on Dreams

Because stuff like this happens.

I woke up this morning thinking everything’s cool. I’ll go to church, relax a bit, make sure my mind’s not wound tight for training tomorrow, and this happens. This was quite a persistent series of thoughts. So, I had to express them. It started with a dream about Frozen and Hannibal. Then stuff started blurring together until this came out.

Will Graham singing his own words to Frozen’s “Let It Go”.


Someone’s dead in the world today

not a witness to be found

a body’s found in the woods

with mushrooms growing ‘round

The clock is ticking in reverse skewing all of time

the murder happens once again, this is my design

It’s in my head, blood’s on my hands

I see the rage the killer demands

This isn’t real, this can’t be real

They’re now a meal!

Hannibal, Hannibal

please help me to stay sane

Hannibal, Hannibal

help me figure out my brain

Talk to me

and we will see

help me to hold on

The rude never bothered me anyway

It’s funny how your dinners

just taste the best of all

and the cultures that controlled me

aren’t relevant at all

It’s time to see who I can be

to taste the feelings and break free

I’ll fight, I’ll kill, and you’ll be next. You’ll see!

Hannibal, Hannibal

You’re crazier than I

Hannibal, Hannibal

How many people had to die?

I now see

the insanity

of you as my friend!

My mind is flowing with the facts of what you’ve done

no one believed me but Jack Crawford’s come around

and one thoughts make me shiver like an icy blast

how many meals I’ve had, you crazy psychopath

Hannibal, Hannibal

don’t cook for me again

Hannibal, Hannibal

when will this madness end

We will see,

in season three

don’t make me wait to long

the rude never bothered me anyway


I just think this is further evidence that my freak people out filter is broken.


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