The Wandmaker, Part 1


[Disclaimer: I’m not J.K. Rowling, nor do I know in minute detail the canon of Hogwarts or Harry Potter. I just felt like exploring some untapped potential]

“Jared, please tell me you aren’t making another wand.” Lilliana bounced down the stairs to the basement and stopped when she saw her brother hunched over a small lathe. “What is it this time?” She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

Jared looked up from the lathe as if he just now noticed her. “Ooh, perfect, you’re just in time to help me test this out.” He pushed his brown hair out of his eyes and gently removed a wand from the fittings. “Grape vine and cerberus hair.”

“Okay, where did you even get cerberus hair? Those are protected animals in the US.”

“I didn’t kill one, if that’s what you meant to ask.” Jared studied the grain of the wand. “Polly got me some from the zoo. She volunteers there while her brother works.” He stood and turned to face a pile of pillows. “Ready to test this out?”

Lilliana stepped back behind the handrail and pulled out her wand. “Ready for the aftermath, you mean. Mom bought a whole bottle of Skele-Gro just for you.”

“That was thoughtful of her.” Jared raised the arm above his head. He flicked the wand straight at the pillows.

The entire stack bounced into the air and hovered. Even Lilliana had to stop and admire the scene. Then a pillow erupted, turning inside out and expanding into a great white cloud fringed with tassels. A second pillow followed suit, then another until the neat pile had turned into a disorganized mound.

“Okay, I was surprised by that.” Lilliana admitted, sliding her wand back into the pocket on the thigh of her jeans. She rounded the corner of the basement and approached the unfortunate pillows. “They went off like popcorn.”

Jared scratched behind his ear. “Yeah, I have no idea how that happened.” He picked up one of the pillows and squished it.

Lilliana ran her hand over it. “Can I have one?” Jared saw the brightness in her eyes. “I promise I won’t tell anyone where I got it.” As soon as Jared nodded, she squealed and kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll make a good brother out of you yet.”

“Why, thank you. I’m glad to see your efforts are paying off. Nice hair, by the way.” Jared turned back to the work table, staring at the wand.

Finally, someone noticed.” Lilliana ran a hand through her blonde hair, which now reached just past her shoulders. “Kara found this article that talked about a spell to grow hair, but all it did was give me split ends. I’m thinking I’ll need to break down and actually pay for a potion from the doctor to increase my terminal length.”

“Kara’s a punk.” Jared agreed as he sat in his seat. On either side of his wand lathe were jars of wands. Well, one side had two jars, one for the wands that didn’t work and another for the wand fragments that really hadn’t worked. “Anyway, your birthday is coming up. I’m sure you could ask Mom and Dad about getting you that potion.”

“Oh, believe me, they know. Put it here for now.” Lilliana reached over his shoulder and put it in a jar with only three wands. “I think you should run more tests before you call it a failure.”

Jared submitted, placing the wand in the emptiest jar. “What did you come down here for, anyway?”

“Mom wanted me to make sure when something went wrong there was someone there to fix things, and Dad wants you to know it’s -”

“Dinnertime!” A voice cheered from upstairs. Lilliana raised her hands in apology.

“Tell them I’ll be up in a minute. Just need to write down the results.” Jared pulled out a notebook.

“Don’t take too long.” Lilliana turned up the stairs. Jared winced at the bright light that poured in from the kitchen upstairs, then turned back to his notebook. It bore the crest of Dolomere Academy. He had been lucky enough on the last day of his fifth year when his Wandlore History teacher, Professor Rattleran, was about to throw away a stack of the school-issued notebooks. Jared had happily agreed to throw them away for him. He smiled as he opened the notebook to the paperclipped page and wrote in the day’s date.

6/18/2012 Completed and tested grapevine/cerberus hair wand. Test pillowed popped like popcorn. Secondary test needed using unicorn hair and grapevine, and cerberus hair and willow. Unsure of success.

Once he was done scribbling, he looked up at the wall, where a dry erase board hung, covered in a list of wand components. Some of them were not crossed out, even. Wood from a thorn tree, Whomping Willow, painted Eucalyptus, bonsai, bamboo, hemp, jackalope horn, Ocorocan skin fragments, nonapus leather, selkie hair, blast-ended screwt carapace, sphinx hair, and 8th day flower petals.

“If Harry Potter could defeat the Dark Lord at my age, then there’s no reason I can’t change what we know about wands.” Jared told himself. With a nod, he set his pencil on top of the notebook and headed up the stairs.


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