A Frozen Plot I’d Actually Watch

Okay, so, I was going over the storyline of Disney’s Frozen, independent of the review I wrote of it. It was aided slightly by the video How Frozen Should Have Ended.


Now, I’m no parent, and I have yet to find that mythical Manual of Parenthood, but I can’t understand Elsa’s parents. If fear is the thing that triggers Elsa losing control of her powers, why lead her to believe that everything outside that room is going to be dangerous? What the Hades is the logic behind “conceal, don’t feel?” They make her very emotions a trigger for losing control, which is exactly what happened.

But, since the title says I’ve got a plot I’d actually watch, here’s my thinking:

Instead of keeping her away from things that could possibly cause fear, what if the parents thrust her into her fears?


“Hey, Elsa, are you afraid of wolves? Here are some wolves.” Then train her to use this gift to ward off the wolves.







“Okay, I’ve beaten the wolves. I am no longer afraid of wolves!”





“Good job, but are you also afraid of… bears?

Fear after fear, Elsa grows into some ferocious warrior who could just about conquer anything she comes across. And just as the king and queen of Arendalle are ready to let her out on her own, confident that she’s overcome fear, they have that tragic accident that kills both of the parents. As Elsa and Anna mourn, Anna wonders why her sister is so bereft.

“What do you have to be afraid of?” Anna asks.

“I…I don’t know…” Elsa responds in wide-eyed horror. The fear of the unknown grips her. Not the Cthulhu unknown that stretches beyond the eons of man, but the fear of the unknown that makes even the shadows across the night seem dangerous and every sound grow villainous. She writes her list across the walls, wondering what else could be out there, what it is that she isn’t prepared for.

She’s forced out of the security she built into that room when Anna is kidnapped by Hans (who is still a jerk, I don’t think that needs to change). Elsa becomes the hero because she expanded her boundaries, discovered true courage by facing her fears herself instead of letting others dictate what was expected of her.

If I had a daughter, I’d let her watch that.

Disney, feel free to contact with me for more information


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