Ge Wang: The DIY orchestra of the future

Ge Wang: The DIY orchestra of the future #TED :

I love this TED talk. I’m going to be honest and say that I’m one of the first that will say we spend too much time using the internet to isolate. As a generation, we’re clicking, texting, and tweeting, producing sounds and furies but signifying nothing but isolation and estrangement from the human family.

But then there’s this. Someone actually taking technology to create ways to connect, rather than disconnect. With a newer way to create music, we have an opportunity to express ourselves. Creation is the core of what makes us who we are. I’d challenge anyone to find someone who is content with his life who does nothing to create. Happiness is the fleeting pursuit of all who walk this planet, yet so often it’s found in something disguised as more work. It’s the work we want to do, not just what pays the bills.

So, my friends, create. Blog, write, crochet, paint, draw, bear your soul, then tell me about it. I’m eager to see you.


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