My Bucket List

So, here’s the thing, I’ve got this thing I’m calling my life. Right now, it consists of Megan (wife), myself, and our home. I’ve got a job, a hobby (writing and this blog), and a drive to work that gives me time to think.

Or listen to a Terry Pratchett book from the library.

This past week I’ve been thinking about the movie The Bucket List. You know, the one with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? In it is this list of stuff that would probably take a lifetime to accomplish, and they do it in a year or two. A lot of grand stuff, too.

I figure, why wait until then? That way I can start making stuff happen. Then add more stuff later on. It means I’ll be accomplishing stuff. Here’s what I have so far:

1. Support a Kickstarter. Not just throw a couple of dollars at some project just to get a sticker in the mail, but really invest in something I believe in. Right now, there are a lot of tech projects that have been catching my attention, as well as a few games.

This one was completed on 5/19/2015

2. Support a Patreon. This is kind of like Kickstarter, except more like being a patron of the arts in the Medieval Era. Businessmen, clergy, and bankers would support the lifestyle of the artists they liked. Unlike Kickstarter, it’s a small monthly payment over the course of a year. There are a few that I want to help, starting with a webcomic I like called Between Failures.

I started with these two because I’ve really harped about supporting what I love rather than bashing what I hate. It’s a theory that works for politics, religion, friendships, and coworkers as well.

3. Host a uranium party. Megan and I collect uranium glass, uranium glass, and more uranium glass. We have enough that we could host a party with nothing but uranium dishes. We could rig tables to have blacklights across them, dress in shnazzy costumes and eat by blacklight and have a wonderful time with these beautiful pieces of antique glassware.

4. Visit Pripyat, Ukraine. Things are a little shaky over there right now, but I want nothing more than to one day take Megan and go see the Chernobyl reactor. Megan loves radioactive history, and I love travel. It works out for the both of us.

5. Be on the NYT bestsellers list. Juniper Crescent and Hallow Terrace were my feet in the doorway of publishing and being an author. The hard part was that the door of publishing has that metal lip on the bottom that likes to dig into toes. But, I have Critical and Deathless that I’m working on, which has a much more mature voice and a better plot to go off of.

6. Have an author I respect read one of my books and leave a review. Right now those authors would be Dan Wells, Brandon Sanderson, GP Ching, Scott Westerfeld, Honor Raconteur, Neil Gaiman, or Terry Pratchett. I don’t know as Terry Pratchett would stoop so low as to read any of my work, or that he has the time to, so that would be like the secret level bonus of the bucket list. You don’t expect it to happen, but it might happen if you crouch on top of the platform and hold it for thirty seconds.

7. Own a Taurus Judge. Now I’m not a violent man, but there’s a certain thrill to firing a gun, even if it’s at a stationary target or row of tin cans on a fence. Out of all the guns I’ve looked at, researched, or fired, the Taurus Judge seems to gather a lot of the thrill and compacts it together into one neat revolver-on-steroids.

8. Hunt, dress, and cook my own elk. I like the idea of hunting, but I haven’t been in like 14 years. I love wild meat, so let’s bring the two together.


9. Hold my children in my arms. This is not for the mushy, touchy-feely bit of the list, but because I know of no other way to express what it means to be a man than to be there for your own child. To support him/her emotionally, mentally, and financially. From all the statistics people tell me about marriage and how long it lasts, this could be the one that I value most. There are so many daunting statistics that say that a coin toss could decide if Megan and I stay together. Add in that law enforcement careers bring divorce rates up to 80%, then that means that being there for my children will take more than I’ve ever known I have to give.

I’m still convinced it’s worth it.

10. Not shoot my future daughter’s boyfriend (?s). I’m not making an announcement in ANY way, but I’ve had this vibe in the back of my mind that I’m going to end up with a house filled with women. I’ve accepted this. Now, the stereotype is that a father in any sort of law enforcement will be coincidently cleaning a large and impressive firearm that first time the young man shows up to take said daughter on a date. As much as I would like to, I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t need this boy to fear me, I need him to respect me, my home, and the daughter Megan and I have raised.

Besides, it’s getting cliché.

11. Get my Bachelor’s degree. I’ve landed a pretty good career off of my Associate’s degree alone. I thank God for that, but education is more important than just the stepping stone to a job. If nothing else, I want to instill a love of learning in my own children.

12. Skydive. On a bad day, I’ll admit I’m afraid of heights. They scare the spit out of me, as well as other bodily fluids. On a good day, I’m only scared of the sudden stop at the end.


13. build a tiny house. Because why the Hades not?

14. tear up a lawn in favor of planning, maintaining and harvesting from a garden. Why mow when there’s free food that only requires watering?

15. build a computer. Not just the shove the components together kind of building, but the here’s why, here’s what I want, here’s me creating the machine I want.

16. Raise animals for food. Ducks are at the top of the list, but I’ll also consider rabbits, chickens, or goats.

17. Go to Japan to eat Sushi. Thank everyone by saying ‘don’t touch my mustache’

That’s all I have for now. What’s on your bucket list? What do you think my list needs?


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