An Early Toast

Next month, on August 24th, I’ll be celebrating the release of my second novel, Hallow Terrace.

Let me throw something down, synopsis-wise.

There’s this girl, Kora Allred (I was using that as her name before the Legend of Korra came out), 1a32e-hallowterraceand she’s had an operation that fused animal genes into her own, mixing her with a lion. With a little extra cash she opted in to get the tail put in, and she’s a wonderful example of what this operation could do.

And then she gets knocked up.

While scientists are able to say “we think something like this would happen” they don’t have anything nailed down or set in stone, which puts a great big bull’s-eye on Kora’s back. She gets the cameras of the media pointed at her as well as the scorn of the Anti-Isis, a hate group developed not long after the operation was released to the public.

Out of all the people in her life, her fiancée is the one who can’t handle the current predicament, so he bails out, leaving Kora in a bad spot.

What I liked most about writing Hallow Terrace is getting to see what could happen to people who got this operation. Rather than trying to make superheroes, I wanted to create identities, and in many ways an animal association is part of people’s identity. For example, there was a restaurant I used to frequent where I was known as the hedgehog, as per the spiky hair that I usually wore. They even wrote it on my check. The first words they said to me when I didn’t wear my hair like that was “the hedgehog is gone.” Good times.

This was all written before cases like this one came to light, but I’m sure there would be many who would psychologically need to identify as their animal. There are already people like that who have gone to extravagant lengths to create that identity.

I owe a lot to everyone who’s followed along with my crazy life, who’s supported me in my writing, and those who have bought a copy of either book (Hallow Terrace or Juniper Crescent, the first book. )


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