Thrift Store Find of the Day, part 3


Today was epic.

The three pieces of uranium glass you see before you cost a total of 5 dollars. Yes, even the shot glass is made of uranium glass, sometime between 1932 and 1951. The cream and sugar bowls are from a pattern called Woolworth by the Westmoreland Glass Company. It’s pretty rare to find, having only been made during 1931 and 1936. I love this set, and there’s a pretty strong glow when you hold a UV light to it.

This is also an example of how not to care for uranium glass. You see the fogginess in the creamer? It’s the same pattern as the sugar bowl on the right and should look exactly the same. What caused the fogginess is that a previous owner ran it through the dishwasher. Back in the day, they used a different method of processing glass. They also didn’t have the same tempering techniques we use today. If you take a look at depression era glassware and modern glass, the modern glass has more of a sheen to it. That’s new techniques and better technology at work.

If you have any depression glass (uranium, carnival, or otherwise) do NOT put it in a dishwasher and especially don’t put it in the microwave.

Especially the uranium glass. I can’t imagine exposing depleted uranium to non-ionizing radiation is a good thing.

Microwaving uranium glass caused this:


All of those cracks and striations are from the reaction between the two different radiations.
No idea what happened to the owner.


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