A Random Mistake Stuck with Me

Okay, first off, a sincere apology for not getting the same regularity of posts. New Job is really taking its toll on me, but I’m still trucking along.

Secondly, apologies for a quick post. Today has just been a “let the mind unwind” kind of day.

But, there’s a song I heard a couple of years ago and it really stuck with me. The song is Skillet’s Whispers in the Dark:

I had always believed that the chorus went as such:

No, you’ll never be alone

When darkness comes

I’m right where nightmares start

In the whispers in the dark

I thought that was really powerful. The darkness itself isn’t the problem, nor is the dark inherently evil. But it does bring a whole new set of problems. While the problem with light is that we can see our problems, the dark presents us with the fear that we can’t see our problems. At that point, it’s hard to see which would be worse. But the song promises that there will be someone who stands at that boundary between the dark and my nightmares, whatever they may be. Someone who sees the nightmares is strong enough to fight them, but gentle enough to protect me at the same time.


Then someone corrected me. The actual lyrics say this:

No, you’ll never be alone

When darkness comes

I’ll light the night with stars

In the Whispers in the dark

No mention of a protector, no concept that there is an active force protecting me, only being left with a bit of light so I can kind of sort of see the outline of my nightmares. I was almost mad at the actual lyrics because it left me with my problems on my own. I like the idea of a real force working in my favor, a guardian angel watching over me.




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