The Wandmaker, Part 7


Dear Persia,

Okay, so I had to recant my last post on the forum about not posting for awhile, but I managed to get your address so I can send you a letter/postcard as promised.

I’m currently south of Colorado Springs in a town called Security. I think it lives up to its name because I got stopped by police wondering where I was going. I had to explain everything to them, then re-explain it in smaller words because they were muggles. But one of them bought me some snacks from a gas station so I think he might have been a wizard like us.

I got to test out your hair in a wand. It’s good for very precise spells. Like sniper or surgeon precise, but if you can hit your target, then it works much better. I’ve tried it with a few different wood bodies, but it really only changed how big of a target I could achieve. I’ve also gotten a few jackalope horns, one set to use as a wand body and the other to be shaved down for a core (please tell your dad that his idea about what spells to use as a test worked so much better).

Plus, I stopped by this place called Manitou Springs. I’m surprised the witches and wizards are so open about being different. Some practically wore their wands on their sleeves. I even saw some muggles drinking potions at a small cafe. The owner even called it ‘her own little health potion.’ She let me stay a night on her porch. Her and her band broke out the dulcimers and reed pipes after they had closed and played some music while they grilled vegetables and tofu. They kept telling me that I needed to try hemp as a wand core. One guy in particular who runs a hemp shop was eager to sell me some hemp cord for the wand, hemp notebooks for my research, a hemp blanket to help me stay warm, hemp soap for the road, hemp ice cream to help me cool off, a hemp pencil for taking notes, and a hemp pouch for storing stuff in. The entire group started laughing when I asked what such a small pouch would be good for. I decided to only buy the cord for a wand.

It turns out there weren’t any seer bison in Colorado like I was hoping, but Officer Wise told me I’d have better luck if I went back up to Wyoming. But, I’m going to have to pass through it again on my way to the East Coast, so it’s not going to be too far out of my way, just time-wise out of place.

My current goal is to get to Reno, Nevada. There’s a tribe of shaman who use vayper venom in their rituals. Hopefully, they won’t ask me to go out and catch one of them myself, but if they already have one of the snakes, then maybe I could just take a skin and call it good. It’ll be my first evil creature used in a wand, and probably the easiest to find. I don’t like the idea of using dark creatures in my wands, but that could be the one way I make my big break. If I pair it with a noble wood for the body it might even produce good results.

After Reno, I’m heading up to Utah where there’s a guy who has a ranch where a few thestrals frequent. He said he might be interested in my ‘little project’. Then to California for painted eucalyptus wood. No clue how long that would take. Between hitchhiking, walking, and finding a cheap bus ride, it’s been slow going.



PS. I’m not sure why you wanted postcards, but here’s one I found at a cramped little thrift store. Hope you enjoy it.



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