First Thoughts: The One in White

Okay, so I’m needing to wake the juices up before I sit down to write. Luckily I’ve got this Pinterest board that I’m following that gives me plenty of writing prompts to get things rolling. Here’s the latest:

Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write
“That’s all I’ve got to do?” The being in the red suit leaned across the table. “It’s just that simple?”
“And that hard.” The other being, bedecked in white, stirred the cup of tea and tapped the spoon just once against the side of the teacup.
The one in red studied her. The suit was perfectly tailored to keep attention off of the body, away from physical attraction, and could have illuminated a path at midnight. The tie didn’t even have a dimple in it.
“How do I know you aren’t deceiving me?” The one in red finally asked, cracking open a second can of an energy drink and quaffing a quarter of it in one gulp. “God knows I’ve been around that long enough.” He chuckled at his own joke.

“I’m not designed to misdirect.”

“Fair enough.” The one in red conceded and leaned back in his chair. “Say I go ahead and try this little trick of yours. Say, hypothetically, that I succeed. What would happen?”
“Eventually, I would become imperfect.” The one in white turned her gaze to the side as she answered.
“Eventually means what in this case?” The corner of the one in red’s mouth rose, just a fraction.
“Anywhere from years to centuries. I would wonder, then beg for information, then question. My desire to know would turn my will against Him That I Serve, leading me to choose that which is wrong in order to finally have the knowledge I seek.”
“It sounds like we’ve got a little challenge in there.” The smile in the corner of the man in red’s mouth took over in a grin. “I like that.”
“It is not a challenge.”
“Oh, no, you aren’t getting out of it that easy. I accept. I’ll make it happen, and when you finally fall, then you’ll come running to the one familiar thing you’ve got outside of your Home Above. Me.” The one in red stood, drained the can and took off down the street.
“Good luck.” The one in white rose from her chair, left a tip strung through the handle of her teacup and returned to her assignment.
The one in red returned to his work. Years rang past with him following the words of the angel exactly. There were moments that he stood a hair’s breadth from failing, but he always slapped himself, or got a co-worker to slap him, until he could see his goal again.
And he watched for her. Every day of every decade he watched for her.
They passed each other on their way to work. The one in red nodded to the one in white, passing by but not wanting to pass by.
“Do you have a minute?” The one in white rested a hand on his arm like a feather in the breeze.
The one in red looked down at the gesture, then nodded once. They found their spots at their table at their corner cafe. Without a word, the one in red pulled a tall energy drink and cracked it open.
“You’ve been busy. Work must be treating you well.” The one in white added just a little sugar to her tea.
The one in red shrugged, more with his right shoulder than with his left. He sipped at his drink to keep it close by his lips.
“I saw your work on Pennsylvania Avenue. You have a lot of skill.” The one in white tilted the teacup to her lips. “It’s a shame you chose to work for your… current employer.”
This received a glare from the one in red.
“Think of all the good you could have done with the resources Him That I Serve could have provided you.”
The one in red frowned.
“I see.” The one in white stared down at her teacup. “I underst-“
The one in red leaned forward and watched the one in white choke back a sob. Her shoulders quivered from the effort to remain composed.
“Aha!” The one in red shouted. “I did it. One hundred and ninety two years of silence and I finally did it. You thought I would fail, didn’t you?”
The one in white’s shoulders smoothed out. “Not until now.” Her voice had regained a smoothness that stabbed the man in red as she rose from her chair and walked away.

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