Thrift Store Find of the Day 4

Feast your eyes on these. These are spice jars from a hoosier cabinet. We found 10 of them for 6 dollars. Nine of them still have the metal shaker insert.


Why is this such an amazing find?
Hoosier cabinets, or hoosier hutches, were the workspace center of the kitchen until we decided we could install counters and cupboards (1920’s). They held the flour, all the spices, had an enamel countertop for working, some even had a space for sugar, cookbooks, or mixing bowls and implements. These spice jars are near impossible to find in their original state, and especially with lids and the shaker inserts. Many were sold off or bought piece by piece for other projects or *shudder* turned into Pinterest projects. Many surviving Hoosier cabinets don’t have the spice jars with them, or have been replaced with later and more available tins of spices or our modern glass jars instead of the milk glass of olden days.

So, finding a collection of them in this good a condition is a find that didn’t require thought. It just had to happen.


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