My Short Life on Tumblr

Okay, so I technically have an account on Tumblr, but I don’t think I’m going to have it much longer.


Well, a couple of reasons:

1. The more time I spend online, the less time I spend writing, and I’ve got enough projects on the table I could take a month of work and still not get them done. For some reason my brain hasn’t figure this out and is still giving me ideas for more books, which get written, outlined, scribbled in a notebook just to be tucked away until I can get to them. I’ve been working on Critical for almost two years now, and the first draft isn’t even close to completion.

2. I learned more about people than I think I wanted. It seems once we find a cute moniker and some snappy profile picture that isn’t us, we go on a share all because everything deserves to be shared rampage with the utmost confidence that we as the user can keep the two personas separate no matter how much time we choose to spend in one world or the other. Largely, I don’t care about people’s PRIVATE lives, my statement of opinion gets responded to like it’s an enforced doctrine, and my statement of my own beliefs is questioned, ridiculed, and then mocked and sometimes in the same post. I still haven’t found that sweet spot on the internet where people actually promote what they enjoy WITHOUT bashing what they hate.

3. I already have a blog. I like It’s been treating me a lot better than when I had my own domain. I’ve been figuring out how this internet thing works, such as how to tag stuff and how too make sure my post is my voice, and I don’t want to have to speak multiple internet languages in order to reach a new audience. So, people can just find what they like from my blog here and share it there. It’s an effort that right now isn’t worth the cost.

4. Everywhere else on the internet lies about Tumblr. Look at what’s shared about Tumblr on Facebook and Pinterest and it looks wildly exciting with humorous anecdotes with a belying truth about the world and how to be good people therein, finding John Green #IsThatJohnGreen?, and being part of a large, nerdy family. What I got was more of the aforementioned bashing of everything, everyone with an axe to grind at anything resembling a thing they hate, making a mountain out of a molehill just so they have an Everest to climb, and isolation in the name of diversity.

Maybe I’m actually wrong about this corner of the internet. If any of you have a Tumblr account, maybe you could show me where I’ve been looking for. My username is s0ck-drawer. (it’s a reference to my enjoyment of socks, not Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment, though the humor of it isn’t lost on me)


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