Get Ready for a Party

So, coming up this week is my first bout in the Write Club Fight Club. I wanted to be a part of this because unlike other competitions and bouts, this one has infinite possibilities. There’s no limit to how I can interact in this fight. MMA, cooking competitions, and other competitions of strength all have their limits, but writing doesn’t. It’s kind of magical that way.

Dad was a Golden Glove Champion Boxer when he was in the service in WWII.  Fortunately it didn't last any longer than that. ;p

For those who don’t follow yet, it’s a competition where bloggers, writers, lovers, dreamers, and me go toe to literary toe and write a short story in a time parameter with challenges set in place.

My fight, which will be up on the website next Friday, is against Lucida, who is a screenplay writer. Her claim to fame is a web series on Youtube called Bar Flies. Here’s the rest of the schedule, which you should check out because some of the bloggers that I follow, like Jeyna Grace, are also a part of this.

The story I’ve put in for my bout is called Sewer Crawling, where I re-invent the Siren to a modern-ish creature that dwells in the metropolitan sewers and is a menace to the well-groom culture above.

The additional parameters of the fight are as follows:


“Now…the fun stuff. For your fight (this goes for everyone) you must meet this criteria:

The story must center around REVENGE.

  • The lengths, extent or interpretation of that word is solely up to the writer/fighter.
  • Revenge must be used or focused on in some regard during the fight.

The word “SAID” must never be used.

  • (ex. “I’m lost,” Joe said.  |  “I’m lost,” Joe whimpered.)
  • If said is used, I will take away a point (vote)

Word count must be below 8,000 words

Word count must be above 750 words

Each story must begin with the phrase: “It began last Fall in the woods.””

Along the way you’ll get to enjoy other short stories and competitions, so make sure you follow Write Club Fight Club.


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