Thrift Store Find of the Day 5

Okay, so here’s a doozy.


I know what you’re thinking, these are just clippers, they look like clippers, like any other clippers. How is this significant compared to some of the other things you’ve posted, like the mixer or the hoosier cabinet spice jars?

Well, the first thing is, the clippers still work and I only paid 4 dollars for them.

The second thing is what took me some time and research. The patent is from 1941. World War 2 was still happening when this model was developed. It is a patent, and that does only mean that the model was developed in that time, not that this particular thing was made in that time .

Then I saw this:


If you can’t read that, that’s because it was written in 1949. Whoever owned this had marked his or her purchase and then some numbers underneath that had been crossed out. My mind whirls at the possibility of who this person was, why the numbers were crossed out, what this meant to him/her, and the care given to make this set of clippers last for 75ish years.

It still has the original box, saying that the original purchase price of 9 dollars and 75 cents, which was a pretty big purchase back in the day.

For comparison, our space program hadn’t been born, Sputnik hadn’t taken to space, WW2 had been over only a few years, and The Twilight Zone hadn’t even begun.

Now, you’re wondering why I bother getting clippers. I plan on using them. See, I’m in this new town with a new job and new skills, and I felt like changing my hairstyle. So I’m looking at the undercut. And, I don’t like the idea of getting it maintained every other week. What better way to keep it up myself than with some skills and a pair of clippers? Especially 4 dollar clippers that still work.


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