Jeyna Grace and the Battle for Oz

This morning I’m giving a nod to a fellow blogger who has done some pretty good work. Her Harry Potter fanfiction, a prequel showing the relationship between Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy, was a factor in me wanting to write my own Harry Potter fanfic, The Wandmaker.
She’s working on getting her first work out, so I’ll just let her explain it.
The Battle For Oz is a spin off of classic literature.


When a new threat arrives in the world of Oz, Dorothy is summoned to save it once again. However, Dorothy soon realizes that the only way she can defeat this new enemy is to find the one the enemy fears the most. So, she sets out to different worlds in search of this special person.
I wrote The Battle For Oz as a three part novelette, but I decided that it was better to pull the parts together to form a novel. Since it is a spin off, I gave the worlds and characters a new look. The worlds were changed to an east meets west concept, and the characters were given special traits and weapons to echo the concept of warriors ready for a battle. The Battle For Oz centralizes in Oz but I did draw in other popular figures in relation to history as well, that is as much as I will tell without spoiling the story.
With this crowd-funding project, I’m hoping to see The Battle For Oz make its round around the world. I’ve previously published my novels electronically, but I hope to change that today. If this project is a success, Inkshares will edit, design, print, distribute, and market my novel. This would be a huge step as an indie author in reaching a larger audience on a paperback scale. It would also make my dream of seeing my books on bookshelves come true!
The Battle For Oz crowd-funding project runs from now till January 5th, 2015. However, to kick start the project, Inkshares will top up 5USD for every person that backs my project till October 11, 2014. Their extra funding would be a huge help, and your support would be greatly appreciated.
Click here to visit the project page. I hope you would pay this project a visit and consider backing it up. A huge thank you in advance!

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