Thrift Store Find of the Day 6

I’ve got a list of these I’m trying to get up on the site. I just feel like I’ve got a lot to adjust and change to, especially in coming to grips with my anxiety diagnosis. I’m going to get them up, I promise.

These are jadeite spice jars. Salt, pepper, and a blank one I think used to say paprika. It used to be the third condiment on the dinner table. Jadeite had its heyday back in the forties and fifties. Martha Stewart tried to make her own line of jadeite popular, but it just wasn’t the same. Not the same process, not the same color, not the same at all. So, the old-school jadeite has become pretty popular.

0101151849We had a trip with the Megan’s parents to an antique store in Denver. Right there when we got in was a display case with these bad boys. On sale for 20 bucks for all three.

Compared to this:

JadeiteJust one… for forty-five. Plus eleven more for shipping.

I especially like these because these are the uranium kind of jadeite. They glow under an ultraviolet light. Not all jadeite glows, but this stuff is the real deal in my book.


Okay, it’s a little hard to tell in the picture, but it’s glowing green, compared with this jadeite, which is from the fifties, that doesn’t have the uranium in it.


That purple glow is what it does to everything else, not like uranium glass, where it’s reacting with the radiation produced by the depleted uranium in the glass.


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