Resolutions and Thrift Store Find 7

A little over a week ago we all stepped into 2015 with goals and resolutions of how things were going to be different. We’d make it to the gym consistently, we’d eat better, we’d skip fast food and cook at home, we’d turn off the TV and read more. All noble things.

But right about now reality’s setting in, isn’t it? The challenges of maintaining those resolutions has become annoyingly clear.

Can I give some advice? I know there’s tons of it out there, and I’m certainly not an expert at keeping goals. What I do have is a habit that properly applied can make us the exception to those people whose resolutions end up gathering dust and never reach the realm of completion.

The habit is this: set a goal and plan to achieve it at the same time. A lot of times we set a goal and plan for it with a few well-written Facebook posts and maybe a scribble on a napkin or whiteboard. Something like this:

Goal: Turn off the TV and read more

Plan: Don’t turn on the TV

Go to the library more often

Find books and read them

And that’s about all we get to. It’s got enough clout to last a month or so.

Now, consider this as a goal:

Read 50 books in a year

Then, plan as follows:

1 book per week, meaning a trip to the library and finding two books and two audiobooks (yes, they count)

Listen to audiobooks whenever in car

read for half an hour each day

Now, that’s all much more doable. We’ve got bite-sized pieces we can work with, we’ve got simple tasks we can accomplish in the week and in the day. We aren’t saying we won’t watch TV, that’s a firmly fixed habit, but we’re opening our minds just a little that there may be something better we could be doing. Once we’ve put in some leg work, then we’re going to find what works better, then it won’t be an issue of turning off the TV, but of putting the book down so we can get the sleep we need.

BTW, I do have a goal of 52 books this year. I’m well on the way.

But, I promise a Thrift Store Find, and here it is:

0110150929aI know, I know, it’s not radioactive, there’s no uranium, and it’s pretty unobtrusive.

But, it’s a shaving kit.


What makes this such a wonderful find is that not only is it a functioning safety razor, not only is it the one tool that’s given me the best shave I’ve ever gotten, but that gold-ish inscription in the middle. The case for this kit was made in West Germany.

Don’t bother looking at your maps to find West Germany it doesn’t exist any more. After World War 2 stewardship over Germany was split between the Allied parties. Russia, having gone through its own revolution and wanting to spread communism, forced the Western half to be separate from fascist eastern part of Germany by erecting the Berlin Wall in 1961. It lasted until 1989, and its complete demolition was completed in 1992.

This shaving kit represents that those events did occur, that families, friends, and neighbours were separated by concrete for nearly three decades. Like the Reich marks I found at a coin store, it is proof that events did happen, despite however much people want to forget.


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