Dating Actually Isn’t Like Fishing

Have you heard this idea going around? Everyone‘s giving their knowledge of how dating is like fishing. Even eHarmony’s getting in on the fishing metaphors. And, I admit, I’ve heard the same diatribe as I was dating. MEME - My Kind Of Fishing -

My brother heard about all of this at a class he was taking, and had the following reasons why dating isn’t like fishing. Thankfully, he wrote them down and agreed to let me share them here for your reading pleasure.

Bigger isn’t always better

Healthy is best, it’s hard to do a nice story regarding this.

Fish appreciate Catch and Release.

A woman walks in with a dreamy look in her eyes, “Oh dad, I had the most wonderful night.” She said with a sigh and sits down. Her father looked at her, “Oh? Tell me about it.” She sits down and folds her hands in her lap, “Remember Johnathan?” Her father winced a little, he knew the man liked his daughter. “Well first he took me to a romantic dinner and then we went for a walk, he got down on one knee.” She blushed and her father tensed, he feared what was coming, “Then,” she continued, “He stood up, turned and left. Oh father, I am so happy!” catch and release “I am so happy for you my dear.” Her father said and hugged her tenderly, both very happy.

Let’s all face it, this would NEVER happen

26 Adorably Unusual Ways To Propose To Someone - BuzzFeed Mobile

Fish Escapes

Tony and James were roommates and one evening Tony comes in with a big grin on and standing a foot taller. James looked surprised, “Good night?” He asked, “You have no idea J,” This surprised James. “Didn’t you have that date with Michelle?” Tony nodded, “So there I was, with Michelle watching a movie when she smiles and cuddles closer to me.” He began to set the move. “I relax with her on the couch and she starts to wrap her arms around me because I was relaxed just like you said, and then” Tony dragged the moment out, “I flipped and freaked out, she was so startled she let go and I ran as fast as I could till I was home safely.” He said with a grin. With a satisfied grin, James offers his hand in pride for a fist bump.


More the Merrier

We’ve all seen it where the fisherman holds up his string of fish to show off to other fishermen, what would that look like in dating?

A guy is sitting in the institute with a girl in his lap. Someone walks up and smirks. “Jealous?” The first guy said. The second shakes his head, “Check this out,” he said and a few people came out with a single piece of rope tying them together. “Oh please, I can one up that.” A girl said with a smirk and pulled a rope connecting many more people together. The other two guys blinked and gritted their teeth. There was a clear winner.

Let’s all face is, this is just wrong.

Nice string of large mouth bass. Do you catch great strings of bass like this. Well I do all the time and I'm sharing my secrets with you. Just CLICK THE PHOTO for all the great bass fishing information.

Stay still

Many years ago I went fishing with family in Alaska, and when we captured fish and brought fish into the boat one of the fishing guys tap the fish in the head with something resembling a small bat so they aren’t freaking out on the boat. Now children what would this look like in the dating realm?

“So sweetie, where are we going?” Marissa asked her boyfriend, Ryan. Ryan smiled and said that they were going to a movie. Now Marissa wasn’t excited about this because she had a headache all day. And when she mentions that she would rather go to a play or a romantic walk in the park he just smiles, pulls out a club and bonks her in the head.

This is called Domestic Abuse and is, in fact, VERY illegal.

Right Bait, Right Fish

If a fisherman doesn’t catch the fish he wants, he tries a different bait until he succeeds.

Jared and Katie had been on a date, and he was now walking her home. Just in front of her doorstep, he gets down on one knee, opens a jewelry box and shows her a gorgeous diamond ring. She says no.

“Hold on.” Jared says, and tucks the ring in his pocket and opens an envelope containing two plane tickets to Italy. Katie says no.

“Okay.” Jared whips out a gift card to a high end clothing boutique. Katie says no.

Finally, Jared pulls out a jar of Nutella. Katie says yes.

Now, there’s a lot of dating/relationship advice out there, and wandering through the dating/courting years isn’t advised. So, smile, enjoy the fact that you aren’t looking for a fish, and go date a human.


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