A Moment of Your Time, If You Please

Okay, I’ve been posting a lot about what I’ve been up to recently. There are the books, the antiques, and setting goals and making plans. But, I haven’t been posting much about the whole reason I set up this blog in the first place:

My Writing.

Yes, I’ve talked about Critical, and I’ve got that widget off to the side that lets you know what my progress is like, but I’ve done little about the two books I’ve already gotten published.

Recently, I’ve been in touch with Sarah Book Publishing, and we’ve set some goals and plans for renewing my efforts to market Juniper Crescent and Hallow Terrace. I believed enough in what I wrote to seek getting them published, and I can’t ignore the thrill I felt on seeing the physical copies of my books in my hands. But, the sales and statistics have done a pretty good job at quashing that feeling. Add in my overall inexperience in marketing and it seems I got overwhelmed pretty easily.

But, I can’t change the past, nor shall I endeavour to do so.

If you haven’t read either of the books, let me know, or buy a copy by following the links above. I’ve got two copies of Juniper Crescent and one copy of Hallow Terrace I’ll send to a lucky person who emails me.

If you have read either of them, please leave a review. Amazon tracks not only the number of copies sold, but also the number of reviews. So, even if you didn’t get a copy from Amazon, let them know what you think of it. This gives the novel better placement so others can find it.


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