Looking for Sophia

I’m a fan of pokemon. I’ve enjoyed the game series of monster collecting, training, and battling pretty much since the franchise came out. I can remember playing the 1st gen pokemon games on the classic game boy.

Recently I picked up a copy of Omega Ruby (msg me for friend code) on my 3DS and it’s been a wonderful blend of nostalgia and creativity. Especially in the connectivity to other players. A gamer used to need a physical cable to connect to another player. Now, I’ve been able to trade with pokemon trainers in S. Korea and the United Kingdom, no cable required.


And then Sophia found me. I don’t know who this person is, but Sophia instigated a trade with me. I said sure, why not. I was still relatively early on in the game (3 badges, highest pokemon level 27), so I wasn’t sure I even had a pokemon Sophia would be interested in.

But Sophia traded anyways. It felt like I’d offer up anything and Sophia would trade a ridiculously powerful pokemon. And it wasn’t like I was waiting until she offered something THEN threw in some cheap critter. Sophia knew exactly what I was offering and returned dollars for change.

We battled after trading, which I lost, but then Sophia started handing more of these powerful and rare pokemon for whatever I offered.

I’ve thought long and hard about this, sometimes out loud with Megan, and can only come to two conclusions:

  1. Sophia’s younger sibling got a hold of the game and started making trades without knowing what’s going on, or

  2. Sophia genuinely wanted to help out another player enjoy the game.

I’m sane enough to believe the later. In the which case, Sophia, whoever/wherever you are, this is T. Thank you. With gamers getting a lot of crap publicity, you made the game better for me without any reward. I certainly didn’t trade you anything significant, but you’ve done what you can so other players can enjoy the thing you enjoy very much.


The world needs more people like you. People willing to promote what they love rather than bash what they hate. People willing to do good for the simple joy of doing good, regardless of reciprocation.


2 thoughts on “Looking for Sophia

  1. What a nice story! It’s tales like these that make me baffled when I hear non-gamers claim that video games make people anti-social. It may be a game, but it’s something that connects people together, no matter where they are, be it the UK or S. Korea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and glad you’re enjoying the game!

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