I Am Now a Cat Owner

Is owner even the right word? Overlord sounds more accurate.

Anyways, my better half and I have been wanting a pet for some time, but our landlord had given that he didn’t want ANY pets inside the house.

But one day I was asking him about our mouse problem (a common thing here in Northeastern Colorado) and just off-handedly mentioned that a cat would help the problem. Instead of thinking it was a joke (it mostly was), he got a thoughtful look on his face and asked “what kind of cat?”

That sealed the deal. My epic charisma had gotten us something we were just fine living without.

The story gets better, though.

I called around to the pet shelters and Humane Societies about adopting a cat, and some said they needed a house inspection plus references, others wanted written permission from landlords or proof of ownership of the property, and some that had advertised that they sell cats on their website said over the phone that they don’t do anything for cats.

Then I called a Humane Society about forty five minutes from where we live. They said that it wouldn’t take much to adopt a cat, and that I had called at the right time. A litter of four kittens were scheduled to be transferred to a different shelter and one of them fit the criteria we were looking for in a cat (it’s my first time owning a cat).

They held one for us, and today we went and took a look. We had been told that she would get fixed over the weekend and we could pick her up on Tuesday. Then when we got there, they said that they had the vet on the line and he could get her taken care of by  today. That made us very happy.

Then they weighed her. She doesn’t even weigh a pound right now, and vets require that kittens be two pounds before they fix them. So,we were told that we could take her home today for ten dollars as long as we could verify that in thirty days that we had gotten her fixed. Even happier for us.

So, without further ado, allow me to present Lilit:


For some reason, she really likes shoulders. I don’t know why.

We named her after a character from Scot Westerfeld’s novel Behemoth (worth the read). Coincidently, I had mixed cats and the Leviathan series before on my blog.

Shortly thereafter, my brother informed me that the Lilit are also a species of Mesopotamian demons. It may be a little foreshadowing, but, what the heck.

Our first big successes have been getting her to interact with the litter box.

It took a couple of tries.

Other than that, she’s one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever interacted with.


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