I Have Completed a New Year’s Resolution

Sooo… posts take longer when your cat insists on occupying one arm or walking across the keyboard.

Just saying.

Anyways, earlier in the year I talked about setting goals and making them happen. I can now proudly say that I have accomplished the first of my year goals.

I have paid off one of my loans. That leaves Megan and I with three left until we are completely debt-free. Instead of rejoicing in paying off that loan by getting some celebratory thing, I’m going to focus on putting the money I would have spent on that loan onto the next loan, which will start that next loan on a snowball course to a quick pay-off. Once that’s done the process will continue onto the next loan and so forth.

But, one goal gets quickly replaced by another. I found this quote by Thomas S. Monson:

Many more people could ride out the storm-tossed waves in their economic lives if they had their year’s supply of food and clothing and were debt-free. Today we find that many have followed this counsel in reverse: they have at least a year’s supply of debt and are food-free” (Thomas S. Monson, “That Noble Gift—Love at Home,” Church News, 12 May 2001, 7).

Now, Megan and I have been doing a decent job at storing food and saving for that rainy day, but my brain kept bugging me about what a year’s supply of food would look like, what six months of savings would look like. So, I had to sit down and figure out exactly that means on paper.

That’s the new goal, along with the other resolutions already in progress. My novel Critical has undergone some serious outline re-writes, and I’ve been making some progress with reviving sales in Juniper Crescent and Hallow Terrace.

These moments feel amazing. It’s the drive to keep working on those goals.

And, to steal a page from http://www.imgur.com, Cat Tax. 3DS for scale



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