My Cat’s Drug Dealer

So, last time I went down to Colorado Springs to visit family, our cat Lilit was still too young to be left on her own. So, we took her with us.


At this point, she weighs about a pound and drew everyone’s attention to her. No one could resist the high levels of cuteness

IT'S OVER 9000!!! by i8cliff

So, down in the Springs is this really nice gardening store called Spencer’s Lawn and Garden. It’s a pretty chill place. They even have their own cat that wanders the store and chills on the shelves with the plants.

Of course, Everyone’s drawn to Lilit, petting her and cooing over her. It pretty much became Megan’s job to answer questions while the rest of us shopped.

Then one of the sweet old ladies that had been petting Lilit comes up with her hand curled in an odd shape. “I don’t know if your cat’s in to this sort of thing…” and produces a fresh sprig of catnip.

Even I stopped and turned.

Megan politely declined, saying that Lilit was too young and her brain was still developing (true).

“Oh, that’s fine. But if you’re ever interested in seeing if your cat would want some…” The catnip doesn’t leave Lilit’s view the entire conversation. “Make sure you try the fresh kind instead of the dry. It’ll work better. The cats just enjoy it more.”

Megan showed all the tact and grace a cat mom could as she declined again and turned back to examine plants with me.

And that’s the story of how my cat almost got a drug dealer.



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