What “The Human Barbie” Can Teach Us About the Internet

Okay, if you’ve looked at the what’s trending section of Facebook or any other news trend, you would have seen that Valeria Lukyanova has recently posted a photoshoot. Inevitably, there are the haters, photoshop insisters, and armchair critics. Who could blame them? The girl who’s spent her existence trying to achieve the ideal beauty is now rocking six pack abs. Valeria Lukyanova, Human Barbie

Now, I read the articles and viewed the photos with a grain of salt. She’s made herself pretty well known as someone who’s a couple fries short of a happy meal. But she brings up a good point in response to all of her haters.

“It is a pity that most people choose the path of degradation,” she wrote in Russian. “If they see a man who has succeeded with something better than they are, they are ready to literally tear. Especially often I see it on the Internet.”

My first thoughts on reading that are “welcome to the internet. Get used to it”.
My second thoughts got mad at that idea. I had become so jaded to the very internet I’m using to express my own thoughts and promote the things I love, like my writing, that I’m shocked when someone addresses the trolls in the room. Thanks to sites like Imgur and Tumblr, everyone has the power to assume an identity and speak whatever they want in the name of freedom of speech with little to no repercussions in the non-digital world.
Interestingly enough, the trolls are exactly the reason Tumblr’s creator hates his own creation.
Which is sad, because a part of that site is wonderful and has helped a lot of people realize the truths about life in a way they can understand.
The only solution, unfortunately, sounds like it came from a fortune cookie. Stop bashing what you hate and start sharing what you love. It sounds simple, but too often those two very separate skills get blurred together. We think because we’re tearing down what we hate that we’re instantly promoting what we love.
Those are two very different ideas. In order to share what we love we need to actually share what we love. It’s that simple, and it’s that difficult.

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