One Bucket List Item Completed

I’ve got my bucket list up here for the world to see.

And now I’ve completed one of the items thereon.

Baby memes: The 3 most popular LOL kids

Which one have I completed? It’s funding a kickstarter. Particularly, this one. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a kickstarter, and thousands of them getting put up every day trying to get funding, why does this warrant a bucket list?

Because this represents the actual American Dream and will be the next Renaissance at the same time.

We’re mad at those CEOs who have inherited big money and think they’ve earned it without actually knowing a hard day’s work, celebrities who spend more on a pair of shoes they’re only going to wear once than the rest of the world will probably ever see in their lifetime, and business moguls who overtax their employees while sitting back in an office that cost as much as those employees’ yearly salary.

While I’m not for government stepping in and taking money for any reason, I am rooting for the underdogs, and sites like kickstarter and give the opportunity for capitalism to work at its finest. The idea that anyone with a good idea can seek support for their idea based on the usefulness of that idea is exactly what built America to be the nation that people are still dying to get to. It also fits the creed of supporting what you love rather than bash what you hate.

Now, C.H.I.P is actually the third kickstarter that I’ve backed, but this one is the prototype for what I wanted to accomplish by setting it on my bucket list. I didn’t just put a few dollars down on an idea I want to support, but I studied it out and put down a more substantial amount to get the rewards that I wanted. And this one comes with some pretty cool rewards. I like to think I’m tech-savvy, but mostly I just need an internet and writing machine. I don’t play a lot of games or do a lot of online streaming, so something like this is ideal. Plus, the thing comes with programs to learn coding better, which should probably be the next thing put on the bucket list.

CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer by Next Thing Co. — Kickstarter

Do I think C.H.I.P. will take a notable place beside Apple and Windows? I’d like to think that it could. But more importantly, it’s making a choice. Just like almost every other person on the planet, money is limited, so my choice to spend it means that I’m not supporting other ideas. In theory, capitalism says that the best products will rise to the top like innovation cream due to competition, supply and demand, and creativity and imagination. We haven’t been seeing that as companies subvert the idea by seeking government bailouts and other incentives.

The next big revolution is going to take place in the hands of projects like these, where the populace supports those things that actually do make life easier while ignoring those companies that operate on the idea that they’re too big to fail.

Plus, I get a pretty nifty computer out of all of it.

If you’re interested in more information on C.H.I.P. here’s the link:


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