I didn’t cry, I didn’t cry, I should have cried

So… went and say Inside Out last night with Megan.

Now, from the descriptions and trailers, it looked like a show that only kids would be interested in. I’ll admit I hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon just because everyone else was freaking out about it.

But, it looked good enough that we went to see it.

This is a necessary movie.

Here’s why: If parents/children/couples could sit down and have dialog based on this movie, then Inside Out becomes a great bridge to understanding how others feel. For example, imagine the differences that could take place if a parent asked “what are you feeling?” versus “how are you feeling?” Then we have an opportunity to establish some common understanding. Inside Out lets us know it’s okay to feel sad and to make it known in the right way. Forcing ourselves to try and be happy when we aren’t only causes more problems and leads to compromising our own personality.

inside out

Where the feels comes in is where we see everything we can relate to, grown up or otherwise. Imaginary friends, that one jingle we just can’t get out of our heads, fears, lists of useless facts, there’s so much psychology bolstering up a familiar story that becomes all to applicable to most people.

If Up becomes timeless because it teaches us love in the first eight minutes without any dialog, then Inside Out will be come timeless because it establishes context to understanding ourselves through our emotions.

Plus, there’s this cool chart someone made



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