Why Has Nobody Said I’m Crazy?

Legit question, lemme just add some context here.

I’ve gotten in my mind that I’m going to build a house. From scratch.

Well, more by foot, really. I’m making adobe bricks and storing them for a few years while I wait for the best deal on land to come around. In the meantime, I’m doing what I can to get everything I need at cheap/free.

The first thing was the clay. I know I’m going to go through tons of the stuff. I also know that about two feet down in the ground Colorado has some really good clay. So I asked my landlord for permission do dig some gnarly holes. He welcomed me to dig in a particular patch in his garden he wasn’t working. Then also said he and a buddy had laid a water line and there was a bunch of dirt already dug up if I wanted. I told him I was going to build a house with this and his reply was “well, just fill it back in when you’re done”.


Our neighbor next door was hacking down piles of dried weeds and I figured that would be a good straw substitute until I could find a source for straw bales. She asked what I was doing with it and I replied making a house. She didn’t even flinch as she let me grab as much as I wanted. She even suggested finding pine needles if I was going to make an obscene amount of bricks.


Cob/Adobe houses have looked really cool as people have added in glass bottles for natural light and awesome colors. I asked people at work to save them for me, and once again I explained what I was going to do with them. Some offered to drink the beer that came in cool colors.


Lemme just throw down a little more context. I have no building/ construction experience. My knowledge of building with cob/adobe is a book I checked out from the library. No one has asked a question about it, just went along and offered a lot of support and random building materials.

I figured there would be at least one person who’d ask me a couple of questions just to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. It’s not like I’m bringing home a baby raccoon or something.

Just the opposite, I’ve had more people giving me stuff like windows and the use of their trailer and wood that they have lying around in their garage.

But, there’s been no opposition or doubt, so I plow on ahead. Today I took the aforementioned scrap lumber and made a brick mold. Then I spent an hour stomping bricks.

loaf pan for scale.

This is still years in the works. I don’t have property yet to start anything, but I can make bricks. Along the way, I’ll be resourceful, pay down debt, save up,  and keep stomping. If I end up being crazy, at least it’ll be a good workout.


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