The next step for our home

We now are homeowners, so the big question is….

What now?

What can we do here that we can’t really do while we were renting?


We have our cats, but I wanted to get something that would provide into our home, rather than simply being a companion.

We looked at chickens, but it takes about 4 square feet per bird, and my parents hasn’t had much luck coming them.

So I stumbled upon quail. They take up Less space and are considered a good starting bird of you’re beginning a hobby farm or want to get into homesteading.

We did our research and made plans. On my next three day weekend from work we visited a farm and they happily sold us a dozen chicks.

Quail chicks are TINY! I knew they wouldn’t get very big, but just holding them made me realize how fragile life is.

So, in about six weeks we should start seeing eggs and having to trim out the excessive roosters, but for now holding these tiny birds makes me feel like I’m building the kind of home I want to raise my family in. 


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