Juniper Crescent

Juniper Crescent bookmarkNow available through all major book retailers, Juniper Crescent tells the story of Oksanya Vor Tallen, who has struggled with muscular dystrophy since she was a child. A cure has been found for her genetic disorder, but the operation is radical, and very controversial. The operation replaces the corrupted genes in her body with those of a cheetah.

Despite her apprehension, she undergoes the operation. It cures her completely, but also has unforeseen side effects, like the cheetah spots that spread across her body, as well as the ability to run, and run fast.

Across the globe, people either hail this operation, nicknamed the Isis operation, as either the cure of the century, or the latest mad-scientist attempt to create monsters. Oksanya is caught in the middle, grateful for a new lease on life, but unsure as to whether or not she is still human.

Juniper Crescent is the winner of a Top Choice Award.






Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

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5 thoughts on “Juniper Crescent

  1. I really love this book!! I remember getting it at Barnes and Noble before one of my concerts and being kind of sceptical but I really fell for the book’s plot. ¡Mè gusta mucho! Tony Graff is definently one of my literature rolemodels. I think it would be cool if you guys could make a teaser trailer for the book though. Not like the one you already have

    • Beleive me, if I had the resources, I’d love to do a book trailer. If there was enough interest, I’d be even willing to do a teaser trailer contest. Offer a gift card or something.

      The trailer I have is what I could do with what I have, but I’m glad you enjoy Juniper Crescent.

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