Hallow Terrace

1a32e-hallowterraceHallow Terrace follows the story of Korra Allred, who we met at the end of Juniper Crescent. Korra had the Isis operation to be mixed with a lion. She loves the operation enough that she opted for augmentation to give her a tail and wears her hair teased back like a mane.

None of the protests and violence against the Isis have affected her.

Then she got pregnant.

Scientists across the globe want to research her. Their only prediction is that her operation is affecting her pregnancy. No idea how much, or what, could change because she chose to have the Isis operation.

Adding to her problems is the Anti-Isis, who grow more organized and more aggressive in their actions. Things get even worse when her fiancee leaves her, vowing that he would never raise animals.

Her only solace comes in another Isis. Russ had the Isis operation to get an edge and the raise he needed for his job. Mixed with a poison dart frog, he now leads a SWAT team in Texas. When Korra has more than she can handle, he is the only one able to pick her up from her fall.

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Also, check out the Pinterest board that has the images that were going through my brain at the time I was writing.
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